Electric Hair Trailer

In late February we joined forces with The Progress Film Company to create a promotional video and supporting photography for Electric Hair.  The video will be used in support of Electric’s live hair show work and showcases some of the dramatic pieces that salon director, Mark Woolly and his Electric team create.

The logistics of setting, lighting and producing a 5 location and studio shoot featuring 4 models with 2 styles each on both stills and video cameras are tricky.  Generally, the lights used for photography are not the same lights used for film and vice versa. Photography lights (we use Bowens Gemini 500w) don’t give out enough power to light a fashion video – especially on location. To match the power that the Bowens flash gives for photography, we were fortunate to get our hands on some fantastic Broncolor HMI 800w video lights, along with some LED floods.  It was the first time we’d used this many different light sources in a shoot, but we think it was a success.

What do you think?

Electric 02 low

Electric 04 low

Electric 01 low

Electric 03 low

Video/project directors – Mat Hopkins & Jack Chute
Photography – Olly Hearsey
Lighting – Olly Hearsey & Jack Chute
Styling – Electric Hair (Brighton team)
Makeup – Lucille Dee Fisher
Photography/video Assistant – Adrian Bradbury


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  • danrobotica

    Amazing… I want a mega boom video… Good job guys

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